Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our armed balladeer.

Driving down 21st Ave in Nashville, we paused at a red light and looked to our left at the policeman who was keeping watch in the parking lot of the bank.

(The first thing that gets me about this intersection is that they station a guard in a neighborhood with well-trimmed shrubs. Something doesn't add up.)

Last night, something else caught my eye. Was the policeman holding the walkie talkie with two hands, at a funny angle, for a reason?, he was playing it. And it wasn't a two-way radio. 

It was a harmonica.

We rolled down the windows and smiled big and snapped and cheered him on, just enough so he knew we were both sober and enjoying the outdoor concert. At the end of that song (there is always a long light at 21st and Blakemore), he motioned for us to wait as he pulled out another harmonica and kicked it up a notch with a key change and a new tune. The light turned green, and he waved us off with his free hand, continuing on to the chorus.

Rock on, Music City.


  1. This is a great story! So glad Cynthia pointed you my way! :)