Friday, May 7, 2010

At least we have our health.

At least the living room becomes a dance floor when you move the furniture up the stairs and away from rising waters.

At least my auto body repairs are not human body repairs.

At least my parents love me. So much that we all pick up a phone and share the news that Anderson Cooper doesn't catch. So much that they e-lecture me. So much that it's life-giving.

At least Tina can mimic a voice and coin a phrase to lighten any situation.

At least we have two bikes.

At least "April showers bring May flowers. And I love you."

At least Trader Joe's is only a mile away.

At least my chaplain is in.cred.i.ble.

At least my students have such beautiful souls. Faces, too. Souls, foremost.

At least I swam the lake yesterday.

At least my town has a Frothy Monkey.

We say we're at the least of things, when really, what's left is the very most...

At least we have each other.

1 comment:

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