Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Reasons to Try

When I want to fly to San Diego, I begin my list this way:


Aunt Bernice goes in the first slot.
Then beach camping.
Finally...Disneyland? If I'm not convicted, I leave the last place blank until I can fill it in with a better-than-mediocre reason to spend my money.  Until I can proceed to and slap my airfare on their proverbial counter with a certain swagger that says "I've weighed my options, and I'm not spending this on a car payment for a REASON," I don't.  It dampens the delight of the whole experience just enough.

The same goes here.  Why take the time to write online, where anyone could google their way to my words, and judge me because I don't know how to add a paisley background to my blog?  (Do you know? I do love paisley.)

This is what I've determined. It seems appropriate to pen my list of three on the blog that it allowed:

1. For those things that Mom and Dad and I don't get to on the phone.
2. Because of Nella, and NieNie, Trish, Tina, and the American seems that I so enjoy blogs that it was a sacrifice to offer them up for Lent. (But now...He is Risen! Alleluia!)
3. To note the art of living. Beauty and function. Whimsical things that make me a better person.

If blogging doesn't make me better, I quit. Will you remind me of that if I forget?

The last reason of three usually takes some time to percolate, and this instance was no exception.  Although it takes time, I secretly like the adventure of waiting for the final leg of the stool to balance the whole thing upright.

San Diego, here I come.

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